• What’s Pima cotton?

    • Pima cotton is a premium type of cotton with a longer fiber than conventional cotton, which yield softer touch and higher durability than conventional cotton. Our Pima cotton is US domestically sourced.

  • Where is your fabric produced?

    • Our Pima double knit fabrics are produced in North Carolina, US.

  • Is the stain repellent technology safe?

    • The coating technology is certified to be free of per-fluorocarbons, nanoparticles or harmful toxins. The manufacturing process for the coating adheres to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and is Bluesign® certified.

  • Are there any liquids that it doesn’t repel?

    • The fabric has been engineered to repel water based liquids like beer, wine and sports drinks. Black coffee and soy sauce will also bead on the fabric. The coating does not repel oils. So liquids with oily ingredients will tend to absorb into the fabric. That includes salad dressing and cooking oils. Very thick liquids or pastes, with or without oil, will stick to the fabric. Examples are honey, ketchup, spaghetti sauce and hot sauce.

  • Will the repellent effects wear off eventually?

    • With proper care, the fabric will continue to repel water-based liquids for at least 20 washes.

  • Can you provide testing reports to back up the DWR claims?

    • Yes, we have subjected the fabrics to external 3 rd party testing.

  • Can customers use garments made of your fabric as raincoats?

    • The garments made of this fabric are not waterproof therefore can’t be used as raincoats. However, they can provide sufficient protection against drizzles.

  • What should I do in the event of a spill?

    • If there is a spill, it’s important to take action immediately to remove the stain. The recommended way to remove the stain is to rinse off the affected area with cold water. If rinsing is not practical, the residual stain can be removed or made less evident by very gently dabbing the area with a very absorbent material, such as tissue paper or a towel.

  • What wash instruction should I provide for garments made ofthis fabric?

    • Use minimal amounts of detergent. Rinse twice. Do not use fabric softener, as fabric softener will make the garment less water and stain repellent. Cold wash and normal cycle are recommended.

  • Can I use the hangtags and labels included in the shipment on my samples?

    • Yes, absolutely! 5 sets of main label, care label and hangtag are provided for every purchase of 10 yards.

  • Can I dry the garment made of this fabric in the dryer?

    • After washing, the garment should be dried at high heat in a normal cycle. High heat will help to regenerate the coating. Do not use dry sheets. Can you produce this fabric in other colors?

We are happy to collaborate with you to create customized colors. Please contact!