The Dropel Team

The Dropel team has years of experience across the entire value chain of textiles, process technology, science, manufacturing, and fashion.


Sim Gulati
Co-Founder & CEO

Founded a multi-national apparel sourcing company at 21 and over the last 10 years has produced clothing for brands such Macy’s, Nike, etc. and established offices in NY, HK and China. Over the years he noticed innovation in technical synthetics but advancement in natural fabrics has stagnated. This led him to create and develop Dropel's first product, water & stain resistant cotton, natural fabrics. 


Brad Feinstein

Brings 10 years experience in growth-based roles. He began his career as a technology strategy consultant at Capgemini gaining international experience managing complex global solutions. He then moved to the AMEX focusing on merchant pricing. His first company, Petstablished, software for animal rescues, aided in the adoption of 10k dogs and cats.