We make clothing lifeproof.

Dropel handles anything life throws at you — without compromising the softness and comfort you expect from natural fabrics.


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We're taking the performance of synthetics into natural fabrics.


Dropel develops performance-based natural, cotton fibers through material science and process technology.

DropelTech Cotton is a water and stain repellent fabric that maintains softness and breathability — allowing your customers to stay clean, dry, fresh, and comfortable.


We infuse invisible hydrophobic polymers with cotton (or other naturals) that encapsulate the fibers to create a protective layer, maintaining the natural fabric softness and breathability.


We focus on function, so you can focus on fashion. Let's get started.


We Are Market Driven


Our market-driven technology platform allows us to deliver the functionality your customers are asking for. And you'll see increased margins when you add DropelTech® lifeproofing to your fashions.

We Can Customize For Your CUSTOMERS' Needs


We will work with you to deliver the combination of life-proofing you need — whether it's water, stain or oil repelling — odor resistant or moisture wicking — we can develop a customized treatment for you.







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